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Mike Lepis

Hi, I'm Mike, a trusted partner in crafting solutions to improve employee engagement.

I've helped global organizations such as Nike, Deloitte, Ann Taylor, Intel, and others transform internal communications and employer branding, steering iconic brands towards strategies that build culture and drive change.

A cornerstone of my career was founding Vignette, The Employee Experience Agency®. Under my leadership, we attracted renowned brands seeking solutions to internal communication challenges. This legacy that has continued since its acquisition in 2019.

Crafting creative strategies that amplify brand values throughout the employee journey is my forte. My approach goes beyond the traditional pathways, I bring innovative collaboration strategies to quickly unlock brand and audience insights, improving culture and attracting future talent. 

My goal is to help companies foster a workplace where engagement is not just a metric, but a reality, shaping narratives that resonate and experiences that connect. 

I'd love to hear from you.

Some of my clients

INTEL | Bring Values to Life

Rekindling the spirit of innovation

Facing internal change, Intel sought to revitalize its corporate ethos among its 100,000+ employees. I stepped in, enhancing the language of Intel’s new set of values to be more accessible and creating vivid content narratives to illustrate them effectively. Leveraging branded guides and workbooks, we equipped leaders and HR professionals with tools to weave these values right into the heart of Intel's culture. 

ANN INC. |  culture from the start

From 'salesperson' to 'stylist'

In a landscape where customer experience is paramount, ANN INC. perceived a vital shift was needed: transitioning their associates from 'salespeople' to 'stylists' to foster deeper connections with clients. This meant realigning their internal culture with this fresh vision for customer service. Diving into this challenge, I developed a comprehensive strategy touching upon every facet of the employee journey, from onboarding to continuous learning, ingraining the brand’s warm and connective ethos at every level. This multifaceted approach revitalized ANN INC.’s culture, facilitating a successful transformation across stores and home office.

NIKE Retail | Elevate the frontline

Supporting the face of a brand

Faced with a disjointed internal communication landscape, Nike, with its multi-lingual and globally dispersed direct-to-consumer (DTC) workforce, was in need of a solution that bridged the understanding gap between HR leaders and retail associates. Stepping in, I conceptualized and drove the "Think Retail First" campaign, an initiative anchored in empathy and understanding. Through immersive storytelling, engaging infographics, and insightful videos, the campaign redefined Nike’s internal communication approach, encouraging HR leaders to walk a mile in the retail employees' shoes, fostering a workplace more attuned to the real, day-to-day experiences and needs of the retail force.


Bridging the gap between HR & Marketing

I created a program that helps HR leaders get an edge on finding and attracting great talent. Through 3 workshops we explore the ideal candidate, elevate the messaging, and bring the culture to life.

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Whether you're curious about a particular case study, wondering how I can help amplify your brand, or just eager to chat about the incredible world of branding - I'm here for it all!

Feel free to drop me a line anytime–I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and questions.